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Spiritual Healing, Energy Field & Chakra Work:


Deepens and lengthens relaxation.

Increases your awareness of life options.

Enables movement through difficult passages in your life.

Unmasks illness.

Facilitates illness resolution.

Promotes self-acceptance.

Enhances wellness and compassion.


You are more than your physical body. There is a field of energy within and around you, supporting it. Good health and well-being are most easily attained when this energy field – of which chakras are a part – is clear, intact, charged, and balanced.


Your body wants to be whole and healthy, its natural state. Barriers to this natural condition develop over time both consciously and unconsciously. Healing is the transformation of your bodymind into its natural state of well-being.


Energywork is one of the tools I use in healing. During an energy session, you are likely to feel a calming warmth and gentle release of areas carrying tension. At times in a session, vivid colors may fill your inner vision. Some tension releases provide information of their content or original positive purpose. As they transform, you may reclaim yourself through laughter, humor, joy, tears, or sadness. At the end of a session, it is common to feel rested and at peace.

Types of Energywork

Brennan Healing Science® works in a precise manner with the chakras, levels of the energy field, and you as a multidimensional being. I - and sometimes you, the client - am an active participant in the work as well as a channel for energy to move through. 


Light Body is an energy body that exists closer to your soul than the chakras. The work is subtle, adding possibilities and dimension to the other energy tools. Resonance, intention, and translation (finding a pattern in the Light Body and following it to one’s physical body) are used in order to harmonize, draw in, and encourage use of these patterns in ordinary physical life. 


Yin styles of energywork enable changes through quiet; stillness; allowing space.


Yang types of energywork seek to access and increase life-force (healing) energy using body awareness and breathing techniques, along with resonance and entrainment principles.


Some ways of exploring may more accurately be described as a kind of technology for self-care and transformation; using light touch deeply, and serious fun lightly to restore balance and harmonize.


I use a combination of approaches and modalities, moving from one to another as directed by the your situation, body, and spirit.

Distance Healing

Energywork spans time and space so it is effective whether done in person or at a distance. A Distance session works pretty much the same way “in-person” energywork does. During your appointment time, you lie or sit comfortably; perhaps playing music that is soothing to you. To talk with me during your session, you telephone at the start of the appointment. We stay in phone contact for part or all of the time. See the Spiritual Healing section.


Currently no group classes are being offered.

Individual instruction during a session is always available, tailored to your interests and level of experience.

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