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Supporting health through healing touch therapies.

            “I am touched by you” are words a person says when they have been affected, often deeply, perhaps on many levels. Frequently, the touch did not involve direct physical contact. It may have been words or a kind deed. Healing touch does not have to include physical touch, though it may include a physical result.

     For years, many individuals have been experiencing and receiving effective, even life changing, healing touch energywork through distance sessions. If this idea is new for you, now might be the perfect time for you to explore this way of obtaining support and wellness care.

     Energywork is something familiar, though you’ve likely used different words to describe your experience. Perhaps you’ve held your head in your hands to ease a headache, held a child while an “ouchie” eased, or put hands on your belly to quiet stomach turmoil. If you bang a knee, a likely first response is to grab hold of the injured spot and yell, i.e. you take in lots of vital life force energy by taking a big breath, and while the sound and air come out your mouth, life force energy - healing energy - also travels down to and out your hands, beginning to ease the pain. These are examples of energywork used in everyday situations.

     Professional Practitioners of energywork develop and expand these natural skills, usually through trainings and years of developing experience. As well as building in-person skills, Practitioners learn to find others at a distance, locating them as patterns of Light and Information.  

     Energywork focuses primarily on the subtle realm of human experience to facilitate relaxation, lessen pain, ease breathing difficulty, shorten recovery time, and reduce frustration and anxiety. Energywork calms, soothes, encourages beginnings and completions, enables movement through difficult life passages, and improves overall quality of life.

     Energywork is also a bodywork therapy in which the Human Being is considered as a multidimensional being; in which spirit, mind, emotions and physical body are found and worked with as patterns and flows. Observations by those who see these patterns have found that just as with ideas coming before a physical object is built, human body events happen first in the light patterns. A physical, mental, or emotional injury appears first in the energy field before its impact on the physical body. Restoration of the energy field and flow enables the affected body to restore itself more easily. As the patterns clear, repair, open, complete, harmonize, or in other ways become more beautiful, one’s life in the physical world tends to follow.

     Healing comes primarily from within. During a healing session, I partner with you, accompanying you, sharing experience, being present with you, doing various kinds of treatment which balance your energy and enhance your sense of well-being. Your participation may be outwardly active or quiet.


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